Journal of Ser Bannon White, Volume 17 Entry 2

Session 1

1 Calistril, 4720

We arrived at the trading post at midday, and in the subsequent preparations needed to defend this site against the impending bandit party, I have found it useful to catalog the general state of the buildings and their function. In providing a thorough accounting for the sake of posterity, I will record all useful information below.

Fort sketch The post is a simple affair, run down with age and neglect. This is not to be a slight against the proprietors, Oleg and Svetlana, as life on the frontier has historically been quite demanding, and with frequent raids by thieves and robbers, it is no small wonder that the palisades still stand at all.

At present, the geometry of the fort lacks the ideal star shape, but at least the corner towers protrude from the rest of the walls, allowing archers to fire against any foes adjacent to the structure. Should this fort ever be expanded, I must make careful note to Oleg of this better shape such that the fort will find itself in time as a comforting beacon to future settlers of these Stolen Lands.

Within each tower sits a catapult, all in varying states of disrepair. The northeastern engine is most damaged – in time we may be able to salvage serviceable parts for the remaining three from its corpse.

The fort itself contains only a stables, guest house, storage shed, and a home-inventory combination for the Levetons. None of these structures are built out of anything more sturdy than wood and thatch. This, too, will need to change.

[In the margin is written a small note: quarry and laborers needed long-term. Captured bandits to serve as penal labor? Supply line will require guard patrols.]

For now, however, we prepare for the more immediate: A bandit party, expecting their monthly dues, will arrive tomorrow at dawn. We are expecting a party of four to eight, who in turn will not be expecting us. In order to 1. Discern the location of their larger camp, and 2. Ensure no one is able to escape and alert their superiors, the greatest matter of importance is ensuring we can entrap these brigands. To this end, Jac secured two suitable logs, hidden near the front gates. He and Liluye shall remain hidden outside, until the bandits enter. At which point, they will shut the gates and brace the logs into two small divots Jac and I dug earlier. I pray this will be enough.

Of my companions, only Delrus seems to be looking forward to the morn. Whether this is the truth or simply a mask for our benefit, I cannot discern. However, should it be the former, and be it not borne from naivete, I will be concerned. Never have I met a man of suitable character who relishes the prospect of killing. His past as a highwayman makes more sense, in that regard.

Abadar, Protector of the First Vault, I write these words so that they may be read again by whoever holds this book, and in thinking of you, find your Word spread. Grant me the strength to protect this family; calm my mind such that I shall not falter in the recitation of the martial forms; and should I fall, let these pages find safe harbor and give succor to those who come after.


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