Assassins, The First of Many

Session 5

Dear diary,

Why would anyone have sex ever. It’s supposed to be joyous and wonderful, right? So where did that abomination come from? Ugh. If only I could have looked away. It was gross and icky and bodies are weird.

Let’s start at the beginning. The Knight was in a bad way when the magic wore off. I think I’m making some progress finally with the Numarian, and the sister seemed distant despite an apparently grave injury. I think I overestimated the value of gold with the Faeries as they gladly swiped 50 from the purse when offered. In exchange, they told us not to enter the grove I’m keyed to. Something about Grig sisters? 4 of them? Bad times. Anyways, the Numarian and I are apparently their friends. Hopefully that means they won’t mess with either of us in the future. The Smuggler was supposedly quite brave despite grievous injuries! My heart goes out to him because I know what it’s like to try too hard. Oh and I added a new quest companion to the party roster! He’s a kobold, I think, and really brave! He seems to have taken to the Numarian like a companion.

I returned to camp and tried to do the right thing with the dwarf’s horse, but everyone was asleep except the Half Orc. She seemed nice at first. But I was waylaid by some assassins! They didn’t seem like much, and there as only one, but he must have been a master at arms the way he swung that hammer! When I came to, the sister was bawling, the kobold was near slain, and this guy who sounds like he’s from the Acerage Deep was healing us. Also the shark pendant the sister made looks totally awesome now. It apparently saved me!

The party seems to need to rest, so I won’t push anything for now. But I really want to get to the bottom of this Daggermark conspiracy!


Cunningdrome malignantlibrarian

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