Forward to Future Victory

Session 21

My eyes opened once again to a brilliant and cloudless sky. For that brief moment, with the lingering magical euphoria of my recent healing still buoying my mind, I felt that I could just fall up into that sky and leave everything behind. Then I turned my head to see the closed wooden gate freshly stained with the blood and those feelings were rudely slapped aside. To say that this was the most hopeless situation I found myself in would obviously be untrue. However I can think of no other situation where I felt despair so acutely. In that moment I was certain of only one thing; no one was getting out of that fort alive.

To be fair the fact that these thoughts occurred after seeing my only ally leap blindly off a roof, falling through that same roof myself, and being pummeled to unconsciousness by a club wielding lummox with a penchant for blankets, may have contributed to my inability to view the situation objectively. It should have been obvious to any of us that an assult on the monestary fortress would be unsucessful. Liluye was missing, we knew nothing about the strength or dispensation of our enemy and more importantly we knew nothing of our own strength or how to figt together. We began the fight as throughly seperated as possible while still being in the same fortress. Wiktor lept headlong at the fight with the most opponents. Jac tried to occupy the Stag Lord, first with words and then by convincing the lieutenant Akiros to attack him for us. Reiner was on the roof with me and once the figting started attempted to sow more confussion by waking the lumbering hulk named Ox. I readied myself to destract as many bandits as possible to aid my allies. Within moments the Ox had decided the best way to deal with the chaotic situation was to chase the halfling with a whip. I probably should have been flattered. I would have been fine had overlarge man not chased me on to a weak section of floor and caused both of us to crash through to the chambe below.

That chamber turned out to be a filthy closet that I later learned had, until moments before, held a captured owlbear. Even now I’m still not exactly sure how that owlbear got out in the first place but I was thankful none the less. Trapped as I was in that dark refuse strewn alcove I would surely have died if not for Saoirse. I called and quick as an arrow he came to my aid. With the last of my strength I leapt upon his back and trusted that he would carry me to safety. I passed out from the strain and the repeated hits on the head from a giant metal stick. I awoke, not back in the forest as I had hoped but instead as I have already described. Liluye had returned in the proverbial nick of time in order to save my life. I doubted my recovery, as the next thing I saw was a dinosaur asking for healing. Naturally, I obliged, and the next moment Saoirse, Liluye, Wander carrying a very unconscious Wiktor and I were making a mad dash for the tree-line. It was only then I found out that Reiner had not perished in the fight but was taken away by the insane masochist Dovan. I asked but even Liluye was unclear as to what fate had befallen Jac.

~Chains and Crowns
Vedal Scryer


This is my favorite adventure log yet.

Forward to Future Victory
Cunningdrome MysticGundam

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