Liluye's Decision

Session 3

Liluye takes the time to speak candidly with Kressle.

The boys were done interrogating Kressle. In Liluye’s opinion, they had done a poor job. The elf took it upon herself to speak with their prisoner.

Kressle was very willing to talk with the druid. This could have been due to the fact that she was a woman, or that she was an elf, or simply that Liluye radiated sincerity. Kressle valued her freedom more than anything else. Imprisonment and death were one and the same to the tough-as-nails human. It had to be execution with the Charter’s blessing. But Delrus’ brief intervention added another element to their conversation.

Kressle was willing to exchange a wealth of information regarding the ominous mark in exchange for her freedom. The human swore on her freedom that she would not return to the Stag Lord’s keep until three months passed… which would give the group sufficient time to plan their attack.

Liluye debated on whether or not to make the exchange. She could sense Kressle’s motive; the woman did not believe they could defeat the Stag Lord. The ranger would keep her word and lay low for the agreed upon time. There was no time to explain to the group; it was take the deal now or leave it forever. To discuss this decision with the other party members would nullify it and, most likely, result in Kressle’s death – and with her the pertinent information regarding the ominous mark. Information that could help solve the mystery of who killed her brother’s men. Information that could possibly help keep her sibling, and by extension the party, safe.

But to set Kressle free would certainly confuse and alarm Ser Bannon and Jac and Kelak in the meantime. How could one explain a gut feeling with credibility? Sometimes, Liluye just knew things.

In the background, Liluye could hear her brother’s cheery off-tune singing.

“…Three months.” Liluye agreed.



I can’t get over how good this art is.

Liluye's Decision

When I was playing Kressle, I didn’t realize how bad-ass I looked!

Liluye's Decision
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