Session 8

One more step. Just one more step. Another step. One last step. I can see smoke. We’re near the crazy kook’s hut. Just a few more steps and we’ll get to the top of the hill. My legs hurt. My feet hurt. One more step. Again. Another. Almost to the top and then we’ll just lie down and roll all the way down the other side. Step. Step. Have to reach Bokken before the poison gets me. Told them the temple wouldn’t help. Nothing’s coming from Brevoy. Ow. Rock. Keep walking. Only hope is Bokken. Delay poison. So tired. Almost. There. Need more time. There! I can see the hut. Oh…


I was screaming. It was me. The pain is unbearable, even with the medicine. Oh gods, this is incredible. And not in a good way. I can’t see straight. I can’t control my body. Oh hells, I’m going to pass out, again. “Bannon!” I hope he can hear me. I can barely hear myself. “Bannon! Wait a day for next medicine. Don’t waste…”

Laughing. I’m laughing and dancing. She looks so beautiful in that dress. I’ve never been happier. This is the party! This party goes so well. I remember it. I remember Sable talking to me about Theo. Why did it get dark? The base? Why is the party in the base? What party? We never have any parties here. Well, Theo does. “Sable, you have to listen to me. We do all the work for that money and then Theo goes and blows it all on those ‘friends’ of his.” The door opens. Theo is in a bed with a red-haired girl. I’m just a kid. I’ve never seen this before. She looks so strange sitting on top of him like that, but I can’t take my eyes off the bouncing. Theo yells and I…

I’m screaming again. Bokken is trying to smash my head open with a rock while he sets my body on fire. Bannon robs me. I’m dreaming. Bannon’s the only one I trust, besides that Lilu…

Lilu smiles at me. A white lily is in her hair. Her hair turned black. The smile is Malia’s. Malia’s lovely lips, ruby against her bronzed skin. Her eyes shine, the way they always do. We’re dancing again and her fingers twine in mine. We’re lying on the grass. A hill. With a tree on it. Its sunset. We only ate half that picnic. All that food’s going to go to waist. Malia leans over me and suddenly I don’t care. Blond hair falls across my face. Blond? How did I get to Oleg’s? I’m behind the stables and this isn’t Malia! This is… what’s her name? I can’t even remember all their names. Not since Malia… Delrus is screaming for help.

No, I’m screaming again. Was I awake before this? Was there a moment when I didn’t feel like I was already in the hells? I can’t… I can’t remember anymore. Gods, please let it end? Take me! Let me die! I don’t care anymore! Just end it! What good are you if you can’t kill a man when he begs for it?!? I’m so tired…

Everything’s on fire. The rooftops burn, but I’ve been in this position before. I’ve got my gold already. I still remember how to get in and out of Galt, even though its been years. I haven’t done this since I met Malia. Smoke like black clouds. Clouds hang over crowds. She’s speaking. No. No. I won’t watch this. I’ve seen this too many times. She brings them too much hope. Silver flashes. Its an eel. Oh gods. Not the pools. I won’t go into the water. Not like they did. Get away. I have to get away. Run. I have to get safe. What am I talking about? That’s why I’m here. This isn’t safe. This got me poisoned. Here got me killed. I’m going to die. I’m dreaming again. The poison is going to finish me. Bokken was no help. Listening to the others was no help. Cleansing the temple fixed nothing. Jhod couldn’t help. Lilu couldn’t help. There’s nothing in Restov that would help. We should have used our time better. My time. Oh gods. I’m about to die. Bannon is holding my hand. There’s a ring in it. The ring. Malia. I wish I could see you again when I die. I’m so sorry you won’t be there. Mother, will you be waiting for me? Is father still alive? Is Sable? I’d even take Theo. I don’t want to die. I’ve fought hard not to die. Gods, why? I don’t deserve this! I’ve helped people! Ok, I took a lot for myself, but I saved people! That should be worth something, right? You couldn’t save her though! You deserve to suffer like this forever!

Suffer? The pain… Its less. I’m sweating. I feel like stretched leather, like hells, but I can feel! Not just pain, but my body! HOLY HELLS, I’M ALIVE?!?



I think this is one of my new favorite pieces of your writing, because it’s so “stream of consciousness” and very appropriate for what Jac went through last session. It really builds upon what happened last time – great job!

Cunningdrome 10th_King

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