Table of Contents

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Adventure Log Table of Contents


SESSION 1: “Journal of Ser Bannon White, Volume 17 Entry 2”

SESSION 2: “Beaten by MITES?"

SESSION 3: “Liluye’s Choice"

SESSION 4: “The Darkness Beneath the Sycamore" – (SESSION 4 Side Story: “Delrus’s Journey”)

SESSION 5: “Assassins – The First of Many"

SESSION 6: “Journal of Ser Bannon White, Volume 17 Entry 10”

SESSION 7: “The Shrine of the Elk”

SESSION 8: “Poison” – SESSION 8: “Full Synch”

SESSION 9: “The Death of Delrus” Skull icon

SESSION 10: "Journal of Ser Bannon White, Volume 17 Entry 19

SESSION 11: “Sight Beyond Sight” – (SESSION 11 Side Story: “1: GENESIS”)

SESSION 12: “Mikmek the Champion’s Return” – (SESSION 12 Side Story: “2: EXODUS”)

SESSION 13: “A Good Chief”

SESSION 14: “The Final Days of Calistril” – (SESSION 14 Supplemental: “DM’s Diary”) Skull icon Skull icon

SESSION 15: “Troll Ahead!”

SESSION 16: “New Members”

SESSION 17: “A Letter to His Lordship, The Mayor”

SESSION 18: “Fortuna”

SESSION 19: “Wanted: Jac Steele”

SESSION 20: “Prelude to Victory” SESSION 20 Supplemental: “Into the Demon’s Womb” SESSION 20 Supplemental: “The Fool” SESSION 20 Supplemental: “Courage and Cowardice”

SESSION 21: “Forward to Future Victory”

SESSION 22: “The Pits”

SESSION 23: “My Own Side”

SESSION 24: “A Saver Lost” Skull icon


Cunningdrome 10th_King

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