Troll Ahead

Session 15

I tracked the troll from the ruined caravan. The carnage there was horrific. Half eaten men and beasts. A wagon thrown across the field. Another wagon burning. And a stench over it all, enough to make me prefer suffocation to breathing it in.

We managed to sneak wide around the monster and still reach Oleg’s first. Thing was bee-lining for the fort. Must have learned about it from the caravan. Or else it’s sense of smell was good enough to detect all the people from so far away.

Lilu sent that bird of hers, hook, ahead of us with a note, warning the Irregulars. They were already prepared by the time we got there. Fires lit, buckets of pitch, guards spread along the south walls. Tony even managed to fix up the catapults on the towers. I started to feel better about our chances in this thing.

Then the troll came into view. Thing was as tall as the walls and budding. That’s what Lilu called it, anyway. Seems to be how the things reproduce, growing another troll out of their bodies the same way the regrow lost limbs. Whole thing strikes me as unnatural.

Couldn’t let the thing survive, of course. It seemed to pause when it saw all the fire. Smarter than I would have thought, then. So I started insulting it. Well, it’s mother. Not sure if it even has what could be called a mother, but if we’re going to start building something in these Stolen Lands we can’t have something that dangerous roaming around. Anyway, it worked. Thing got pissed and charged.

I’ll be honest, I’m glad we had the Irregulars. Don’t know how much account Lilu and I could have made of ourselves without them. Crossbows seemed useless. Even shot a few magic bolts at the thing, but they all just bounced off it’s damned hide.

What worked, though, were those catapults. Well, catapult. Tony was the only one who knew how to work one. Hit the troll a couple times with flaming boulders. I threw pitch on the thing and Lilu threw fire. Girl gets more magic every day, but still acts like she doesn’t know what’s happening. Can’t tell if she’s trying to play me for a fool or really just doesn’t get it.

The giant thing managed to smash through the wall, skewer that dwarf (Larrick I think his name is), and throw Sasha half-way across the fort. Jhod broke ranks, but did his job. Man seems to be a bit reckless when he sets his sights on something. Still, he kept everyone alive, which is what we needed.

Managed to bring the troll down in the end. Smashed up the store room, but there wasn’t anything there, anyway. It got stuck doing that for a while, so we kept hitting the thing until it dropped. Then I threw more pitch on the flames, just to be sure.

Had a nice little celebration afterward, I think. I don’t remember too much about it. Something about Tony and paperwork. I think its about making an alliance with the kobolds.

Speaking of which, we’re back at the mine. Took the route Bannon said he’d take to the fort and didn’t find anything. Now, though, there’s something that worries me worse than the troll did.

Bannon and Kelak are missing.


Jhod can be described as both “a loose cannon” and “a bad enough dude to rescue the president’s daughter.”

Troll Ahead

Really nice adventure log, you encapsulated the most important bits of the session without making it huge!

Troll Ahead
Cunningdrome 10th_King

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