Aerodus d'Aventant

A former Galt noble condmened in a recent revolution.


Level 1 Human Aristocrat


Aerodus is tall and thin with wild black hair and a tangled beard grown in prison. A scar on his neck shows where a noose once cut into his throat.

Knowledge (Local) DC 15: Aerodus d’Aventant was slated to be hanged during a revolution in Galt, but he was dramatically rescued at the last moment by a stranger in a hat (possibly the Prince of Gralton, though stories seem conflicted). He then disappeared into the woods and hasn’t been seen yet. Rumor suggests he may be building a resistance force somewhere in the River Kingdoms with which he plans to retake Woodsedge and liberate Galt from it’s latest tyranny.

Knowledge (Local) DC 20: The man who rescued Aerodus was not the so-called Prince of Gralton, but more likely a local from Woodsedge. Aerodus, himself, has actually not been seen by anyone since his escape.

Knowledge (Nobility) DC 17: The Aventants are a family of some repute in Galt, famous mostly for their general ability to ride out the tides of rebellion in that country. They are notable in that they have, as a whole, managed to retain positions of power or prestige without making too many enemies.

Knowledge (Nobility) DC 20: Aerodus was one of the few Aventants who managed to get himself condemned by the masses. He earned disgrace with the family when he promised an extravagant reward for his rescue and did even further damage to the Aventant family when he failed to be executed. The promised reward has not been paid from the family’s coffers.

Aerodus d'Aventant

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