Crazy Old Hermit


CN male human adept 4


According to Oleg, Bokken trades with the Levesons, offering a modest array of potions that he brews himself. He is by all evidence a slightly mad old kook.

His manner is that of a nervous bird or a jittery child, and his speech is swiftand clipped as if he’s eager to finish every conversation he starts. Yet Bokken is no hater of gold, and his eagerness to sell the potions he makes is well known to many of the travelers in the area.

Bokken mentioned his bully of a young brother who “cut off his ear.” He claims to have traveled south in pursuit of his brother, but seems confused as to why he gave off the chase. His brother is supposedly somewhere in the Greenbelt.

Bokken appears to be thoroughly mad, but amicable. He claims to be lacking a critical reagent for potion making, fangberry juice, and has offered the adventurers a discount if they bring some his way. He has also offered non-potion-based services, including poultices that “apply directly to forehead.” His price-points remain fixed, however. Though insane, Bokken proves ever shrewd.


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