Perlivash & Tyg-titter-tut

A Dynamic Duo


Perlivash is a faery dragon, Tyg a grig. The pair of fey tricksters have befriended Liluye, Delrus, and Kelak.


Liluye faeriefired Perlivash in the clearing by the Willow tree. Their first encounter was strange but ended well.

The duo played a long-running serious of pranks on the adventurers, including enchanting a log to speak as if it were The Devourer.

Once befriended, the fey proved chatty and helpful. They directed Liluye and Delrus to the Temple of the Elk and several other points of interest in the northern Narlmarches.

The duo may or may not be responsible for the torture/murder of one Breeg Orlivich, a trapper and hunter of men as well as beasts.

Perlivash & Tyg-titter-tut

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