Davik Nettles

Dessicated Dead


This undead creature was once a human man. It wields a ranseur or its clawed, decayed hands as weapons. Thought drowned in life, the beast now walks upon the surface of the water and travels through it with disquieting ease.


The revenant haunts the waters of his old bridge crossing, crying out of revenge against the Stag Lord. His presence their not only makes the crossing deadly, but it renders the haunts disturbing and unnatural.

The adventurers encountered Nettles, who assailed their minds with terror, and agreed to bring him the face of the Stag Lord. The encounter wit Nettles plagued the adventurers’ sleep with nightmares, each replaying in macabre detail the night of Nettles’ murder at the hands of the Stag Lord and his minions.

Davik Nettles

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