Delrus "Devilfish" Nesswen

A dirty blonde half elf, even his gait is reckless.


Delrus Nesswen was a twenty-two year old half-elf hailing from New Stetven. He was a bandit in the Gronzi forest, and considered himself a Robin of the Hood-like figure. Due to his supernatural affinity for water, he nurtured the moniker “the Devilfish”. He was part of a bandit group of six, and by coincidence was not in camp when his comrades were killed. The murderer’s identity is unknown. The only clues were a poisoned horn-handled dagger and a peculiar mark on a playing card at the scene of the crime.

This provoked a necessary lifestyle change and Delrus fled to the Stolen Lands under the auspices of joining a Charter from Restov. He asked his half-sister to come south and protect him, fearing he might meet the same end as his comrades. Feeling safe in the south, Delrus attempted to further cultivate his reputation as the Devilfish. His lack of subtlety drew the attention of assassins who poisoned and nearly killed the entire Chartered adventuring group.

After surviving the poison, Delrus married his half-orc lover of six days. She made him swear to adventure more cautiously or not at all. Tragically, he fell down a pitfall in the Old Sycamore and died almost immediately after making that promise.

He is remembered by Arthion and Gwendolyn Nesswen and his wife Sasha Bloodstone-Nesswen. His half-sister continues the Charter.

Delrus "Devilfish" Nesswen

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