Duma the Sly

The Merry Rebel of the Gronzi


Duma the Sly is the legendary bandit chieftain of the Gronzi Forest. He and his band are known for their ability to strike without warning and vanish just as quickly into the greenery. Duma is no friend of King Noleski Surtova, but the common folk love him for his generosity, and therefore aid him in evading royal sanction. Tales claim Duma is everything from the son of a wronged Aldori nobleman, a fey-blooded trickster, or the lost Rogarvian heir.


DC 10 Local Check: Tales of Duma the Sly and his Robin-the-Hood-like ways have been sung in and around the Gronzi for well over fifty years. The most popular tales feature Duma trick-shooting with his enchanted sling “Whip”, and escaping detection using his magic cloak.

DC 15 Local Check: It is said no one but Duma’s most trusted lieutenants have laid eyes on him in the last two decades. His merry band of rebels is organized into small independent groups, most of whom will never have direct contact with Duma.

DC 20 Local Check: There is currently a 25,000 Crown bounty on the head of Duma the Sly, posted in the name of King Noleski Surtova. He is wanted Dead or Alive.

Duma the Sly

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