Lord Lucian Duress

Lord of a minor house sworn to House Lebeda


The lord who knighted Ser Bannon.

DC 10 Nobility Check: Lord Duress is an obscenely large man, nearly unable to ride a horse these days. He rules over a small set of holdings in southwestern Brevoy, in the name of House Lebeda.

DC 15 Nobility Check: Castle Duress is exceptionally well-furnished, but the lord’s name barely raises an eyebrow within the courts of New Stetven. He seems content to manage what he has, and live a life of consistent excess.

DC 20 Nobility Check: Lord Duress serves as one of four tutors to Lander, the heir of House Lebeda who reaches him majority within the year. Elana, Lander’s elder sister, who presents the Lebedas in New Stetven loathes Duress, and has consistently petitioned her mother Dame Sarrona (acting leader of the House) to oust the Lord from Lander’s circle.

Lord Lucian Duress

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