Human Expert 2


Elise is a woman in her mid to late twenties, with long and straight dark hair. She is dark of eye and fair complected. Her face is oval, her jaw strong and delicate. She is poised and graceful. She has a quick wit and easy charm of the sort that draws men to her like flies to honey. She is beautiful and knows how to use it, but sometimes, for just a moment, the mask slips, and her fragility – the vulnerability she feels – is revealed.

Knowledge (Local) DC 15: Clearly an independent and ambitious woman, Elise often runs away when faced with situations that are getting out of hand. This has accrued her quite a string of debts and enemies throughout the River Kingdoms.

Knowledge (Local) DC 20: Elise’s primary source of income is, in fact, the gifts and money she receives from her many suitors – for her, courting is a way of surviving. Her many men include nobles and generals, men of lofty acclaim and ill repute, but what they all have in common is the ability to treat her to the means of living she needs.

Knowledge (Local) DC 25: Although Elise’s recent past is fairly well known, her more distant past is a mystery. Her homeland, parentage, and previous life are totally unknown – a secret she seems to keep close to her chest.


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