Happs Bydon

Free Man


male human ranger 1


This crude, foul-mouthed bandit was the ring-leader of the thugs who attacked Oleg’s Trading Post. He attempted to deny his purpose to Ser Bannon, but was goaded by his men into confrontation.

In battle the man proved craven, and bigoted against elf-kind. He surrendered as soon as his men were defeated, has placed in the middens at the Trading Post, along with two of his cronies.

Happs was a solider and city guard in Restov. He fled town after being charged with bedding a child—but the charges seemed suspect. Happs was of no help on the matter, as seemed reticent to clarify the details and, indeed, unsure as to any details about his alleged victim’s proper age.
After much pressing, Happs eventually admitted that he never raped a child. Rather, he was romantically involved with a young elf maiden who turned out to be an adult elf male. Upon discovering this turn of gender, Happs fled the scene and, when pressed by his friends for details, concocted the story of a rape in a botched attempt to defend his masculinity.

He found that banditry agreed with him—he quite enjoyed the outdoors, and the occasional tumble with Kressle. He knows that she’s working for an even more important bandit, but was content being the second-biggest fish in the bandit camp at Thorn Ford. As an officer in the Stag Lord’s army, Happs wore a small silver amulet in the likeness of a stag’s skull—even though Happs never met the Stag Lord in person.

Happs claimed to be great friends with Devilfish, and his pride was wounded when Delrus rejected his final attempt to join the group. He was pardoned by Ser Bannon and fled the Stolen Lands for parts north.

It is unclear whether Happs was reformed in any way—but it is clear that his delicate pride and false bravado are the causes of most of his woes and that both his racism and criminal record stem from an inability to cope with threats to his “masculinity.”

Happs Bydon

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