The peregrine falcon

Tricks: Track, Seek, Attack, Fetch, Heel, Down



Species: Peregrine Falcon
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Hen
Trainer: LILUYE

Hook is a female peregrine falcon. Her coloration is primarily steel blue with black barring; she has black eyes. She is four years old and has a wingspan of almost 3 feet, putting her on the large size for her species.

Unlike most raptors used in falconry, Hook does not wear a hood. She is a natural bird that was unconventionally trained, so she does not require jesses, bells, or a hood.


A silent observer whose primary motivation is her food reward for hunting. She likes shiny objects. She is very aware of Liluye’s presence at all times. In addition to this, Hook seems to have taken an inexplicable interest in Kelak. She brings him food sometimes and will land of her own accord on his falconry gauntlet.

She now hunts for him occasionally of her own accord. When Kelak became cursed after the final battle of the Old Sycamore and lost his eyes, Hook was temporarily repulsed by him. Once Kelak developed his mysterious new mode of vision, though, the falcon is back to her normal behavior and seemingly unperturbed by the Numerian’s new eyes.


Liluye came across a peregrine’s nest one day; a single baby bird was abandoned in the nest. Liluye rescued the chick more out of a sense of practicality than compassion and raised it to hunt. Liluye named the falcon “Hook” because of the bird’s unusually vicious hooked beak.


The Book of St. Albans, first printed in 1486, provides a hierarchy of birds used in falconry and the social classes for which each animal was considered appropriate. According to the book, the peregrine falcon is associated with the Prince, just below the gyrfalcon associated with the King. It is considered “a royal bird, more armed by its courage than its claws”.


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