Jac Steele

Amber eyes shine out from beneath a wide-brimmed hat with a rose pinned to it. He wears a travel-worn dark green duster and a lopsided smile and bristles with tools and weapons.

“We have been the forerunners of government. As soon as law and order were established, we never had any problems.” – Doc Holliday



NAME Jac Narsius Steele


Half taldoran and half varisian, Jac Steele has a slightly exotic look to him, with dusky skin and auburn hair. His eyes are nearly gold in color and a smile is rarely far from his lips. He is tall (just over 6’) and, though he shaves infrequently, some attempt has been made to maintain a goatee with a thin beard. By habit, he dresses in a heavy green duster to which he has pinned a rose that never withers and a faded broad leather hat bearing a second such flower. A heavy crossbow is slung across his back, crossed with Jac’s quarrel. Two smaller crossbows and a thin rapier hang from either hip. He also carries a hatchet on his left and a dagger on his right. His pack, which has a clever dwarven clasp built into the strap so it can be easily dropped, is nearly overflowing with the tools of one used to living in the woods and prepared for most eventualities.


Calathes, Jac Steele’s horse, is a dark mare bred for speed, rather than endurance. She was purchased in Restov, Brevoy just before the group set out to explore the Stolen Lands. While Jac and Calathes haven’t had much bonding, Jac does seem to value her highly. The mare wears a forest green blanket beneath her saddle and carries Jac’s bedroll and a bag laden with more of the equipment that allows Jac Steele to always be prepared.

Calathes is currently being trained for combat by Lilu.


Jac Steele worked for years as a smuggler (or “salvager”) out of Galt. According to him, he spent most of his time bringing out people who were slated for execution in Galt’s incessant revolutions. It was this that taught him to be a skilled woodsman, rather than any innate affinity for nature. Presumably it was during this time period that he also developed connections with markets able to supply goods at discount… for a different sort of price.

Something has recently driven him to seek the protection of others’ company. It is known that at some point Jac was married, but that he has somehow become separated from his wife. He has signed on with the charter, but seems as much interested in furthering his own wealth and fame as accomplishing any other goal.

Timeline of Jac’s Chronicler’s and Jac’s Tall Tales (meta knowledge)

4695 – Jac is born on Neth 22nd, during a Molthuni attack on Nirmathas.
4698 – Jac meets his father for the first time when the occupation of Tamran ends (Chronicle 1). His brother Sable is born near year’s end.
4704 – Jac’s mother dies in a new attack by Molthune. He has his first kiss, with his cousin, Kale (Chronicle 4.5). The next day, his father sends Jac, Sable, and their cousin Theodric to the River Kingdoms.
4706 – Jac, Sable, and Theodric are criminals in the River Kingdoms. One of their first heists is to steel a prize hen so that they can eat (Chronicle 5).
4708 – Jac has left his relatives but is still being used by criminals for their own ends(Chronicle 11.5), doing his first smuggling job in Kyonin [Jac’s Kyonin]. Eventually he makes his own way and winds up a stowaway aboard boats plying the River Kingdoms (Chronicle 2).
4710 – Jac first takes advantage of a revolution in Galt to steal treasures to fence (Chronicle 3.5). Later that year, a noblewoman afraid of being executed by the mob pays him to smuggle her into the River Kingdoms (Chronicle 6).
4714 – Jac is married (Chronicle 3).
4718 – Jac shares a drink (or ten) with Cayden Cailean [Drinking with a God].
4719 – Jac and a mysterious colleague fight off a man seeking to reclaim goods Jac stole (Chronicle 11).
4720 – Jac rescues a Galt nobleman mid-execution, seeking a five thousand gold piece reward (Chronicle 8). Afterwards, he joins up with a chartered group of adventurers to explore the River Kingdoms, famously saving his friends from what would have been certain death [The (First) Sycamore Incident]. Later, when many of those same comrades have been replaced, he helps in an abortive attempt to assault the Stag Lord and dies beneath the fort after being abandoned and taken prisoner [The Blade Falls].

4714 – Kobold general Kesker is killed by mites, resulting in a field promotion for Mikmek (Chronicler 7).
4717 – Theodric Steele dies after usurping the power of a gang operating in Razmiran.


The quintessential smooth-talker, Jac Steele works hard to convince others of his own charm and importance, although his propensity to be flirtatious drives him to compliment others as well. He thinks of himself as a sort of lone wolf currently in need of a pack, but the reality is that he has a hard time not giving help when asked for it. He also has an abiding desire to be recognized and appreciated. He is a known smoker and drinker, seeming to favor wine but willing to try anything.


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Jac Steele

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