“Savages we call them, because their manners differ from ours, which we think the perfection of civility; they think the same of theirs" – Benjamin Franklin



NAME “Kelak”

Built large, like many Numerians, Kelak stands at a high six feet of wiry muscle encased in skin the color of river clay. Faintly glowing crimson embers glare out suspiciously from his ruined and empty, lidless eye sockets beneath a curious brow. The exposed skin of his arms and face is covered in raw-looking, pink, ropey scars of the kind seem on victims of chemical burns, and his lips and right cheek are burnt away, exposing his teeth in a chilling rictus. The young wastelander always wears a heavily-worn pair of handmade rough hide breeches adorned with dozens of small dark metal charms and bear fur wrappings on his calves and ankles, while his feet remain wrapped in simple leather sandals. Recently, Kelak has taken to sporting a self-made leather lamellar cuirass crudely stitched together out of the armor of slain bandits.

Having no sheath, or perhaps no need for one, the young Numerian constantly carries about a heavy-bladed axe, much like a larger version of that a woodsman would carry, with a single stout blade and long wooden handle. From a hole in the far end of this handle dangle several totem of sorts: a persistently clean metal amulet of a Stag’s head, a cluster of bird feathers and skulls, and two perfectly acid-bleached human skulls suspended by ropes through the eye-sockets.

Around the boy’s neck rests a horse hair torc decorated with vertically-hanging mite blow guns on either side of a rabbit leather pouch – a gift from his companion Lilu. Horse teeth and two quail bones are woven into the horsehair itself as an attempt at decoration. It seems to be made to go around the neck, but a crude loop-and-knot on the back suggests it can be re-sized for adornment around the waist like a sporran.

Also around the neck of the Numerian dangles a heavy braid made of three strips of rabbit leather. One of the leather strips in the braid has been dyed black – presumably from mite blood. A small horsehair tassel hangs from it as decoration. This symbol of office – representing his role as First Mightiest Warrior of the Monitor Lizard Tribe was presented to him by Dragon King Mikmek, and was also originally crafted by Liluye.

Very little has been established about Kelak’s past or his connection to the Charter or Stolen Lands – however it is known that at some point in the recent past he was forced to flee his homeland of Numeria by their “Overcheif”, Kevoth-Kul, The Black Sovereign. Kevoth-Kul made him leave his tribe and find a new home, which eventually lead to his current involvement in the Charter.

It has also been revealed that in Kelak’s homeland of Numeria, his people are tormented by beasts of living metal (called “Navaske” in his native Hallit), summoned from within ruins which fell from the sky by Kevoth-Kul, who uses them to do his bidding.

These “Navaske” may have a connection to the clouds of near-microscopic, locust-like creatures which pour forth from Kelak’s wounds and mouth when he is in battle, swarming about him in an angry, buzzing clound and striking at his foes like bees protecting a hive.

Since his recent spontaneous blinding, the wastelander has let slip that the Wise Man of his former tribe was also blind, with white, clouded eyes. When questioned by Jac, though, Kelak stated that this does not make him a Wise Man, as he “does not know such things”.

One day after going blind, Kelak’s sight was restored to him in the form of a pair of faintly glowing, crimson “eyes”, which appear to be composed of the same writhing metal forms as the things which swarm around him in battle, only more still. He complains that bright light irritates his new eyes, but that he can see very well in the dark.

The Numerian has also demonstrated an ability to pour out swarms of the metal creatures to repair metal and wooden objects such as his axe, a broken spear, and a bent copper coin – as well as providing rapid aid and healing to his and others’ wounds. He has remarked that this ability is more or less instinctive, and that he does not explicitly command the things to do so, only that he wills it to be done.

At his best, Kelak is a loyal follower, and enthusiastic helper. He quickly moves to figure out the world through the filter of his own understanding, and then works to the best of his ability. The Numerian readily grouped the rest of the party together as his “Tribe”, understanding that they would have to pool their abilities or die in the wilderness, just as many do in his homeland. To Kelak, resourcefulness and pragmatism are not positive traits – they are necessities. At his worst, however, Kelak can be stubborn and slow to understand new ideas – the “mysteries” of a society vastly different from his often proving too much for him to cope with. In light of several weeks of attempted incorporation with contemporary River Kingdoms society, Kelak has become slightly frustrated – storming out of Oleg’s fort, saying “This place is strange. Makes no sense. I must think on it.” After a lengthy talk with Bannon, at Story Rock, Kelak begrudgingly returned.

Since his blinding, and newfound gift of sight, Kelak’s personality has undergone a slight change. While initially, he spoke in a very straightforward and laconic fashion, often answering with single words, he has become more inquisitive and outspoken, while at the same time prone to strange periods of observation and introspection. This may be related to the trauma of his blinding, some side-effect of the new sight, or the rest of the Charter’s change in attitudes towards him.

CRAFTING QUEUE Small Padded Armor 2/3

IN-GAME CRAFTING SUCCESSES Story Rock, Horse-Bone Macuahuitl, Leather Lamellar


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