Kesten Garess

Commander of the Free Irregulars


Kesten has proven a capable leader and custodian of Oleg’s Trading Post. Kesten hopes to either make a name for himself as the defender of the remote fort, or to find and honorable death among the bandits and other dangers in the region.

Kesten is at best brave and at worst judgmental.

Kesten openly shows disdain for drunkards and the belligerent, such as Antony. Likewise, he and Laerrick seem to have a special friendship. The dwarf seems to rank just below Kesten among the Free Irregulars.


Kesten has three warriors under his command, and the group have set up their small tents just south of the stable, in the shadow of the palisade.

The Free Ireegulars

NG male dwarf barbarian 1, fighter 1
Laerrick is a fiercely loyal friend and cohort of Kesten. Laerrick is friendly, pragmatic, and level-headed. Laerrick loaned Kelak his horse, Chastity—a mottled beauty that the dwarf claimed to have reared himself. Chastity was tragically slain during the battle at Thorn Ford Camp. Laerrick raged at her death, but celebrated Kelak for his honor in fighting alongside the mare in her moment of glory. Larrick accepted Chastity’s skull and a Macuahuitl (crafted by Kelak) in memory of his horse. Giving a gift in kind, Laerrick gave Kelak a new horse, recently captured from a pair of thugs.

Laerrick is currently very friendly toward the party.

LE male halfling fighter 2
The adventurers first encountered Antony in Restov, passed out on the steps of the Lord Mayor’s office. Antony is a man of carousal and song, and is never seen far from his bottle. He is moody, a gossip, and impulsive. According to Laerrick, Antony will “trade anything for gold or wine.”

Antony has proven to be a drunk and a gull to most. But Liluye knows he’s up to something, and is very capable to pretending to be drunker than he is if it means pulling one over on someone. Lilu spent nearly two hours staring at Antony after offering an enigmatic “I know you.” The halfling cracked under the pressure of the staring contest and spent the rest of the night railing against the elf. He was still visible (and vocally) outraged the next morning. His omnipresent drunken slur was mysteriously absent.

Antony is currently friendly toward the party.

N female half-orc fighter 2
The adventurers first noticed Sasha in Restov, and witnessed her obvious displeasure at not being granted a charter. Her heritage is clearly orcish, and she towers over even Kesten. She is cold, stern, and quick to anger. Sasha is a skilled smith and leatherworker, and has been providing services to the trading post. She laid twice with Devilfish, and then proposed marriage. Devilfish accepted the proposal and gifted Sasha his shark-tooth pendant as a token of their wedlock. Their sudden elopement happened in a secluded grove in the woods, and the details remain a mystery to all saveLiluye. After Delrus’ death Lilu broke the news to Sasha who was distraught. Lilu has vowed to care for Sasha in her brother’s stead, but it is clear that the half-orc has not yet recovered from the loss of her love nor from the revelation that his feelings for her did not run so deep.

Sasha is currently very friendly toward the party.

Kesten Garess

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