Hired to Acquire


The man known only as “Knix” is a halfling who wields some form of arcane magic. His mannerisms and knowledge of Ser Bannon betray him as belonging to noble house within Brevoy.


Knix first tried to collect intelligence on the Horn-Handled dagger and escape north. It was Jac Steele who bartered for Knix’s freedom after the adventurers took poorly to his spying.

Knix returned and offered a purse of 15,000 Crowns for the dagger on behalf of “his employer.” When refused, he upped the ante to 30,000 Crowns.

Jac and Lilu sent the dagger to Knix at an address in New Stetven on the promise that, if he received it within one week, he would reply with the cash and no further harassment.

Knix’s whereabouts and the identity of his wealthy patron remain unknown.


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