Bandit Captain


female human ranger 2
favored enemy: human


Kressle led the initial raid on Oleg’s Trading Post. A vicious and brutal woman, she maimed Oleg’s hand and threatened to throw Svetlana to her men as a trophy. She has not returned to the Trading Post since.

According to Happs, Kressle is in love with him (though she is “more into me than I am her”). Also by Happs’ report, Kressle became a captain of the mysterious Stag Lord by murdering a number of his men, and answers directly to him.

According to Kressle, she managed to make her way out of the River Kingdoms and into the Stolen Lands with a bit of luck, only to be caught by a group of the Stag Lord’s men. When two of them lost hands and fingers to her axes, their thoughts turned from rape to escape, and she followed the maimed and frightened bandits right up to the Stag Lord’s fort. Impressed with her skill and bravery, the Stag Lord threw the cowardly would-be rapists to the dead fields and recruited her on the spot. After serving at the fort for a few months, the Stag Lord sent her north to run the Thorn Ford camp. She is fanatically loyal to the Stag Lord, and seems to have strong romantic feelings for the man.

After a close fight with the adventurers, in which she lost her left leg, Kressle struck a deal with Lilu (who was negotiating partially out of a desire to aid her brother, Devilfish). Kressle provided all the information she had about the Stag Lord’s fortress and the Ominous Mark. In exchange she was given her life and the means to live it. Kressle barely escaped the rest of the adventurers, and nearly slew Jac in response, but ultimately vanished into the woods.

Kressle has sworn not to return to the Stag Lord for three months time. At such time she expects summary execution. Kressle left feeling confident that the adventurers don’t stand a chance against the Stag Lord.

One of Kressle’s men, Billy, also escaped.


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