Liluye Nesswen

The antlered doe.

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. -Juvenal



NAME Liluye “Lilu” Nesswen

Liluye is a five-foot-eight, willow-thin elf with a pink skin tone and buttermilk blonde hair. Elves are considered naturally lovely beings by most races, but Liluye is quite average by elven standards. Her lips and nose are too big to be considered ideal, and her hair is wavy and riddled with fallen leaves. She wears well-loved leather armor with crude stitching and obvious patch jobs. She wears leggings instead of boots in order to feel the earth with her bare feet.

Perhaps most iconic about this character is the deer antler headdress she wears – her companion Wander’s first shed. The elf is fond of casting Light on them at night, which gives her an ethereal appearance. In addition to this absurd adornment, Liluye wears a crown of magic roses that the faeries gifted her.


Liluye is a druid and seems to belong to some organization somewhere. She has a beloved giant white stag companion called Wander. Liluye’s hobby is falconry. So far, the entire party knows that Liluye has travelled south from the Gronzi Forest upon receiving a letter from her brother Delrus.

Now that Delrus is dead – or perhaps because of it – Liluye has found other reasons to stick with the Charter group.

PERSONALITY Liluye can be difficult to understand at the best of times. At first the elf was unused to being around people who inhabit cities. This manifested as a crippling shyness. But as the druid has traveled with the party, it has become apparent that Liluye isn’t perhaps shy so much as she is very aloof. The elf is quiet and reactionary. She gets along fantastically with animals, and is more likely to walk up and greet someone’s horse than its rider. Liluye feels that the party’s mounts are just as much valid adventurers as the other bipeds in the group.

Liluye is a practical provider; she eats only the food that she hunts herself. When the party ate food poisoned with Shamweed, only Liluye was unaffected. She is also a skilled hunter and earns weekly revenue selling the game she catches to Oleg. Liluye’s primary concerns seem to be with family, the responsibility of the individual unto themselves, and personal growth through exploration of her environment.

After two or three weeks of ‘jumping in the deep end’ with social interactions, Liluye commented on her own personal growth: “I am getting better at this animal called ‘human’.

Liluye is capable of transforming her body into a tree… and other creatures! An owl, a tree, an eagle, a velociraptor, and an antlered doe are among the forms she has taken thus far.

TRAINING QUEUE Wander (18/7 days ImagesImages), Bismarck (18/7 days Images Images), Traveller (18/7 daysImagesImages), Calathes (17/21 days), Hook (14/7 ImagesImages)

IN-GAME TRAINING SUCCESSES Wander (Guard, Down, Defend), Bismarck (Fetch), Traveller (Stay)

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Session 3: when Liluye sits down to negotiate with the newly-amputated Kressle.

A pre-Kingmaker Liluye shares a moment with Wander.

Very cool interpretation of Lilu by Cat Batka!

Deceased player character

FP [At Time of Death] – 4
T? Y

When her brother died, Liluye’s grief was reserved and sporadic. His body is trapped beneath the Sycamore in the pit where he was slain, plugged with a giant caltrop. She gave the shark totem necklace she made him to Sasha and has made a new totem to memorialize him at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Deceased player character

FP [At Time of Death] 4
T? N

When Ser Bannon White died, Liluye was distraught. Together with Jac she bundled up his body and buried it underneath the Sycamore. She inherited his signature sword, Echui, and adopted his dog Bismarck (the only survivor of the elk massacre). She has also taken Traveller under her wing. Liluye is in the process of making a memorial for Bannon and Kelak in Oleg’s Trading Post.

Deceased player character

FP [At Time of Death] 2
T? Y

When Kelak died, Liluye was sad. She and Jac buried his body next to Bannon’s underneath the healed Sycamore tree. The nanites in his eyes escaped and their last known location is marked on her map. Liluye took back the totem she made for Kelak to be used in a memorial for him at Oleg’s Trading Post.


Liluye Nesswen

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