NAME Kalden “Red Wind” Markos


Standing at an intimidating 6’ 5", Markos has the well-built body of a trained soldier. His dark skin has the faintest shade of green to it and is heavily tattooed with tribal designs on his upper arms and across his back. Both shoulders are pierced by a heavy brass ring and a third is anchored in the middle of his chest. Each wrist is adorned with an iron bracelet from which hang brief lengths of chain (three links on the right and two on the left). The backs of his hands are scarred with more tribal patterns, apparently self inflicted, and his left palm bears a curious burn scar. Other half-healed wounds are scattered across his arms, torso, and legs, leaving only his face without mark. When not covered by the mask, his face is young but hard, with black hair and eyes, a slightly too short nose, and broad, goatee-ringed mouth from which jut a pair of tusks just a little longer than those found on most half-orcs. Three fetishes hang from cords woven into the mane of dreadlocks rising back from his head.


Markos often wears a plain, featureless wooden mask lacking even a nose. Two eye holes, bearing no mark of tools, allow him to see. The wood above and below the left hole has split, giving the appearance of a scar over that eye, though Markos, himself, has no scar there.



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