Dragon King Mikmek

Legendary Kobold Hero.


Mikmek is King of the Monitor-Lizard Kobolds, and wears the sacred amulet of his office around his neck.

Mikmek is in alliance with the adventurers.

Mikmek’s primary goals are repopulating his tribe, launching an artistic renaissance among the kobolds, and securing “lots and lots of shiny-good-good.”


The tale of King Mikmek, called Monitor-Lizard, is one that will be sung (by his own proclamation) for “a thousand generations.”

Mikmek served as Great General of the Eighth Best Legion, on a mission to liberate the sacred statue of Old Sharptooth from the mites at the Third Battle of Old Sycamore. Old Sharptooth was believed to be the vengeful and angry god-spirit of the First Kobold and the Sootscale kobolds worshiped him with abject fear. Mikmek was certain that failure to rescue the statue would bring a terrible curse upon his people. The Sootscales were then led by Chief Sootscale, but even their leader was guided by the wicked shaman Tartuk: Speaker of Old Sharptooth. Tragically, Mikmek’s assault failed and he was taken captive by the mites.

Mikmek was rescued by the adventurers and pledged his loyalty to their cause, provided they help him rescue his people from certain doom. He soon demonstrated fearlessness in battle, and an overt eagerness for blood-shed. Atop his feral mountain ram, dubbed Ash-Ram The Mightiest Ram, Mikmek flung himself hungrily into battle, crying for the blood of his enemies and the enemies of the “northern big folk tribe.”

Mikmek and the adventurers soon rescued Old Sharptooth from the bowels of the mite den. As the party adventured to return the statue to the Sootscales, Mikmek stole away with it (see: Mikmek – The Champion’s Return). When the party found him half-dead and frozen in the midst of the plains, Mikmek claimed that the statue had brought a curse on the party. He sought to take Sharptooth’s wrath upon himself rather than let his new tribe fall to the same curse as the Sootscales.

Mikmek was tracked down by the hunter Jac Steele, and Mikmek’s return to the Sootscale Cavern was triumphant. The adventurers remained loyal to his cause and flanked his entry to the ancestral home, weapons at the ready. He rallied the remaining kobolds against Tartuk and led a suicidally brave charge against the shaman. During the battle Mikmek saved his lady love Half-Pint from the shaman’s sinister spike-trap, embracing her in a bodice-ripping kiss, cementing their love for the ages. Half-Pint would later become First Best Only Consort. The kobolds cast down the statue of Old Sharptooth, banishing him as a false god and decrying Tartuk as a hoax. All of Tartuk’s possessions were exiled from the domain (most of them leaving in the hands of the adventurers).

Mikmek rose to power by defeating Chief Sootscale in single combat following the Chief’s cowardly near-death during the battle with Tartuk. “The Great White Ape King Ban’Ohn: Chief of Oleg’s Trading Fortress” served as Mikmek’s second. Ban’Ohn absorbed a crushing blow from Chief Sootscale’s club that might otherwise have dashed Mikmek’s brains out. This allowed Mikmek to lunge at the Old Chief and strike a blow so powerful that it conjured from the ether Mikmek’s totem animal. In a burst of light the monitor lizard appeared and rent Merlokrep to shreds. This same lizard is now ever-present by King Mikmek’s side.

Mikmek proclaimed himself new Dragon King and renamed the tribe Monitor-Lizard after his terrifying animal aspect. King Mikmek pronounced a union of the tribes of Dragon King and White Ape King. He then named Kelak his First Greatest Warrior. Mikmek bestowed his totemic amulet (crafted by the Druidic Wise-Woman) to Kelak and charged the young Numerian with representing the interests of the newly dubbed Monitor-Lizard Kobolds abroad.

King Mikmek now resides within the Halls of the Monitor-Lizard, overseeing the repopulating of his tribe, a ready ally of the adventurers.

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Dragon King Mikmek

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