Queen Natala Surtova

Sitting Queen and Sister to the King


The Queen and sister of King Noleski Surtova. She rules alongside him, managing the public aspects of the Kingdom, receiving petitioners and nobles and throwing the requisite balls. She is strong-willed and social. She enjoys the public aspects of leading the kingdom.


DC 15 Nobility: There are rumors among the smallfolk that she is secretly her brother’s lover or that she prefers the gentler gender, but those rumors are hushed up by the State. Other rumors claim that she has many lovers in the Palace among the common servants. At least three servants have been hanged for spreading those rumors and others have been flogged.

DC 20 Nobility: Her mother, Nathaline Surtova, was assassinated in 4718 by a troupe of performing gnomes who vanished into darkness after throwing a poison-tipped dagger.

DC 25 Nobility: In 4720, her uncle Domani Surtova introduced Natala to a line of suitors, which she famously rejected in entertaining ways. She famously said, “I’ll be married and widow to the Kingdom before I’ll take a husband.” The rejections caused some diplomatic problems for the House.

Queen Natala Surtova

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