Reiner Schreibock

“Every man has his excuses, and the more vile the man becomes, the more touching the story has to be." – Joe Abercrombie



NAME Reiner Schreibock

Reiner Schreibock stands at five feet, ten inches tall, with a fencer’s athletic, slight build and well-trained poise. His hair sits closely-cropped to his head, shellacked into a side part in the fashion of the younger noble classes. Bright, blue eyes gaze clearly out of a face which shows the blessings of good breeding, wealth, and nutrition: high cheekbones, a strong jaw, and clear skin – save for the pale pink line of a scar across his left cheek. He smells lightly of dust and the road, and faint rich cologne is there as well, covering the smell of saltpeter. His clothes initially marked him as a member of the merchant classes – fine leather riding boots, slashed sleeves, and a dyed leather coat, as well as a not-inconspicuous amount of jewelry. All of it, however, bears numerous scuffs and scratches, as though road-worn and battered, rather than sported by a man who has dwelled in a city his whole life. All of this changed, however, with arrival at the Trading Post, Reiner having since donned the uniform of a Brevic private military company – tan breeches, high black boots, and a dark cavalry jacket. At Reiner’s hip sits a pair of worn leather belts, one containing an aged and now-broken Aldori dueling sword, and the other with a bulky leather holster, containing some strange device of metal and wood – revealed to be a black powder pistol – a rare thing in Golarion. In addition, visible under his jacket is the form of a breastplate – heavy precaution for a city dweller. When he speaks, Reiner’s accent marks him as a New Stetvener, but his bearing and vocabulary belie an obvious education at one of Avistan’s few and prestigious universities.

Wiktor Bergström

Mostly unknown, as of yet – although based on his uniform, Reiner is clearly a member of the Brevic military, and Lilu has deduced from his accent that he is a New Stetvener. Reiner also revealed to the elf that he was schooled at The University of Lepidstadt in Ustalav. On the approach to the Stag Lord’s Fort, Reiner indicated to past working with mercenary companies – specifically identified in conversation with the bandits as the Bloodstone Swords. Reiner has also revealed to the group a letter from Lord Mayor Sellemius asking him, as a military commander to personally rectify the perceived failings of the previous Chartered group.

Reiner comes across as aggressively over-self-assured, putting down Jac’s efforts at exploration and the “rural” nature of the Trading Post with little more than a cursory investigation as to their real benefits. He seems to take his responsibilities as “military commander” of the Charter seriously, quickly driving the group towards the goal of eradicating banditry, almost to the exclusion of anything else (including, apparently, exploration). He has, however, expressed an appreciation for Lilu’s abilities in handling the animals, horsemanship, and “realistic” assessment of the Charter’s failings, in addition to his clear appreciation of Wiktor’s abilities, however ambiguous they may be. More recently, he has encouraged Jac to take a more active role in the group – standing up for his area of expertise. He reveals little of his personal life, taking a very “business first” approach to the Charter.

ACTIVE CONTRACTS “The Stag Lord” 0/1


Reiner Schreibock

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