Sable Steele


Level 3 Human Sorcerer


Younger than his brother by four years, Sable shares Jac’s light brown skin, red hair, and golden eyes. The exoticism is accentuated by finely chiseled features and a glittering shine in his eyes. He wears a leather glove on his left hand and is usually smiling broadly with a virtually palpable aura of charm.

Perception DC 15: The two smallest fingers of the glove on Sable’s left hand are stiff, as though stuffed or at least unyielding.

Knowledge (Local) DC 20: Sable was a member of a small-time gang operating in Tymon and run by his cousin, Theodric Steele. He worked as the face of the gang, but within the actual operation was all but ignored and treated as a lackey. Its assumed that he stuck with it because of familial loyalty, despite the disrespect.

Knowledge (Local) DC 30 Sable’s last known location was in Razmiran. He accompanied his cousin’s gang in a violent takeover of an operation in Xer. The attack met with disaster, but Sable’s body was not found with those of his cousin and fellow criminals.

Sable Steele

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