Vedal Scryer

“True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written; in writing what deserves to be read.” – Pliny the Elder

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NAME Vedal Scryer

PHYSICAL Vedal is of an average height for Halflings, standing just over three feet tall. Curly, dirty blond hair worn to the shoulder frames his clean shaven face. He has green eyes common to other members of his race. Tanned skin and a thin scar across the right side of his jaw suggest a less than comfortable life spent largely out of doors. He has an unusually athletic and slim build for a halfling but this is mostly hidden by leather armor and billowing cloaks. He can often be seen with a bemused, if jovial, expression.

COMPANIONS Vedal is often seen with his dog Saoirse, a trained Mastiff who also serves as a mount.

Vedal has a slight Andoran accent and will, if prompted, happily talk about his childhood in the capital city of Almas.

Vedal Scryer

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