A giant white stag


A gift from Erastil


Friend: LILUYE

A giant buck with seven point antlers. Due to his unique origin, Wander is white in coloration (but not albino; his eyes are plain black). He has one more growth spurt to go before reaching full size for his species. Wander’s antlers span about 8 feet at this stage in his life.


Everyone in the party has a notion that, perhaps, Wander is not a typical deer and was not born in the natural way. He is a keen animal and occasionally reacts to something a party member says in unexpectedly intelligent and observant ways. He is a fantastically brave beast and engages in combat with a gusto unseen by most herbivores; this could have something to do with being a megafauna. He is intimidatingly huge.

In Session 7, Wander went toe-to-antler with the giant, diseased, blighted bear abomination that had corrupted the shrine to Erastil. The power of the Grim White Stag manifested in him and his antlers glowed gold; he would not listen to Liluye when she told him to run away.

There is more to be discovered about Wander’s past.


Wander’s miniature, I was really tickled with how it came out! My first legit paint job on a miniature.

Wander and Liluye sharing a moment pre-Kingmaker.


Wander psychs himself up. This picture by CookieAsylum here on OP.


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