Wiktor Bergstrøm

Son of Thorsten the Fox. Hero of Winterbreak Bay. Murderer.


“They came to know the incorrigible sorrow of all prisoners and exiles, which is to live in company with a memory that serves no purpose.” -Albert Camus



Wiktor Bergstrøm

A mountain of muscle, Wiktor is a prime example of those who survive to adulthood in the aptly-named Winterbreak Bay. Though a cold land, Brevoy is protected from the worst of winter by the series of craggy islands which serve as a natural line of defense against incoming storms off of the Lake of Mists and Veils. Their people are hardy, tall, and pale; Wiktor is no exception. He stands slightly hunched, his hair often spilling over his bloodshot eyes. His left hand is missing a pinky finger and a large degree of connecting tissue down to the wrist. Most unusual are the heavy chains and manacles bindings his arms in public at all times.

Wiktor has no companions.

The party knows little of Wiktor’s past. Only in the past day have the members of the original charter met him and the two new members he travels with, Reiner Schreibock and Vedal Scryer. It is clear that Reiner and Wiktor have a slightly longer history than he and Vidal.

At some point Wiktor became afflicted with a disease or illness that he credits with his “bloodrage”. He has also alluded to the loss of people close to him.

Wiktor is gruff, straightforward, and unapologetic. He rarely initiates conversation, though he has begun to slowly open up to members of the party. Even then, he is more likely to allow them to answer their own questions than do so himself. When in new situations, he quickly gathers what information he can that is deemed pertinent, before lapsing back into a position of observation. Only the topic of battle seems to truly engage him, and even then it is clear that there is no joy in it.

When in battle, Wiktor will often lapse into what he calls a “bloodrage” during which he loses much of his ability to concentrate on anything except killing. Worryingly, Wiktor has begun to display a distinct and secondary personality to his own during these rages. He has not discussed this in detail with any other members of the charter, but has asked Reiner and Lilu to kill him should he ever permanently lose control of himself.

Wiktor Bergstrøm

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