Horn-Handled Dagger

a magical dagger

weapon (melee)

1d4dmg (M) 19 – 20×2 P or S


This dagger’s handle is carved from what appears to be stag horn, as is its sheath.

A pair of thugs called Grent and Stoo confronted Delrus at the Trading Post. Delrus attacked, and the men fought back—the incident nearly cost Delrus his life. Grent carried a note:

“They call him Devilfish. Seek south, report back by post when you’re on the trail, and take him out if you find him. You’ll get the rest when you bring me the knife. And for god sake don’t use all of the weed on him. -A.A.”

It was clear during the confrontation that the men sought this knife, which was worn by Delrus at all times. The pair had been at the trading post for a number of days, awaiting the man called Devilfish.

After Delrus’ death beneath Old Sycamore, Liluye took up the blade.

Upon discovering the blade was marked by multiple powerful magics, including an arcane mark bearing the crest of the Red Crescent Theater of Pitax, Jac and Lilu decided to sell of the dagger and rid themselves of the unwanted, and deadly, attention it drew. They sold the cursed blade to a procurer named Knix.

Horn-Handled Dagger

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