Stag Lord's Writ

a receipt for services


“The bearer has paid full tribute to the Stag Lord through 30 Pharast. Do not harass. The bird in the hand is worth two blows to the head.
-Akiros Ismort"


This writ was taken from a woodsman, Jonathan Wood, who claimed to be working under the Stag Lord’s “protection.” According to Wood, the bandit patrols leave him alone as long as he bears this note signed by Akiros Ismort.

Wood told the adventurers that the bandits patrol quite fiercely south of the Thorn River. He said that all the hunters and trappers who work and live in the southern part of the Greenbelt owe tax and trade to the Stag Lord. The bandit king’s minions are abusive and dangerous, despite the protection the writ offers, but, according to Wood, the word of Akiros keeps them mostly at bay.

DC 10 Linguistics: The strange phrase at the end of the writ appears to be some sort of coded message or pass phrase.

Stag Lord's Writ

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