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  • Horn-Handled Dagger

    This dagger's handle is carved from what appears to be stag horn, as is its sheath. A pair of thugs called Grent and Stoo confronted [[:delrus-devilfish-nesswyn | Delrus]] at the [[Oleg's Trading Post | Trading Post]]. Delrus attacked, and the men …

  • Delrus's Letter

    Everyone in the party has either seen this letter or understands the gist of its contents.

  • genesis


    Liluye was peacefully meditating, as usual, when she had a vision:
    She was "smaller":http://ih2.redbubble.net/work.312923.7.flat,550x550,075,f.a-blonde-raccoon.jpg, fluffy, and walked on four legs. She …

  • exodus


    It was four in the morning and black as pitch. The air was frosty and bitter cold. [[:lilu | Lilu]]'s breath turned to fog. She and [[:jac-steele | Jac]] had ridden ahead to find [[:mikmek | Mikmek]]. The …

  • lilusession-20

    Liluye had been summoned by Jhod’s eagle and had left the party on the cusp of their attack on the Stag Lord. But what could be so direly important as to call the druid away on a battle’s eve?

    Please "put this on while you read":http:// …

  • Liluye Nesswen

    *NAME* Liluye "Lilu" Nesswen *PHYSICAL* Liluye is a five-foot-eight, willow-thin elf with a pink skin tone and buttermilk blonde hair. Elves are considered naturally lovely beings by most races, but Liluye is quite average by elven standards. …

  • Wander


    *Friend:* LILUYE A giant buck with seven point antlers. Due to his unique origin, Wander is white in coloration (but …

  • Hook


    *Species:* Peregrine Falcon *Age:* 4 years old *Gender:* Hen *Trainer:* LILUYE Hook is a female peregrine falcon. …

  • Cyrus Yellowfoot

    A mysterious elven man, and [[:lilu | Lilu]]'s mentor.

    *DC 20 Knowledge (Local):* Cyrus Yellowfoot is _much_ older than he looks, even by elven standards!

  • Arthion Nesswen

    [[:lilu | Liluye]]'s father is an unusually hirsute elven man. He brings to mind a scruffy, lean dog. His eyes are constantly smiling. He lives with his human wife, Gwendolyn, in [[New Stetven | New Stetven]].

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