Oleg's Trading Post

Oleg’s Trading Post is located at the southern edge of Rostland (and thus Brevoy). To the south, the green line of the Narlmarches looms only a few miles away. Owned and operated by a stern and somewhat unimaginative man named Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana, the trading post’s remote location and inconvenient distance from a major river has prevented it from realizing significant financial success.

The adventurers arrived at Oleg’s after departing Restov, Greenbelt charters in-hand, only to discover that the post was under extortion by a gang of bandits. A survey of the former fort revealed it to be in defensible condition, with the exception of the catapult system which was in bad need of repairs (it took the halfling Antony about two weeks to get them up and running).

The adventurers launched a successful ambush in the Post’s main yard. As part of the plan a small tree was planted in the center of the yard, much to the delight of Svetlana.

Thanks to the respite from rampant banditry, things are looking up for the Trading Post. The stockpile is growing, and the Leveston’s remain eager to help the adventurers in any way they can.

A local trapper named Vekkel has set up shop outside of the post. He recently lost a leg to the boar Tuskgutter. Other hunters and trappers have been passing through with increasing frequency, bringing with them news and rumors from the Greenbelt and Restov.

The outpost has survived a contamination of lethal poison and Troll attack thanks to the help of the adventurers and the Free Irregulars, and seems set to weather the long haul. A lovingly crafted bell tower now stands in the center of the south wall, filling the spot were a Troll burst through. The bell’s clanging serves as a reminder of the trading posts endurance against all odds.


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Oleg's Trading Post

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