The Old Sycamore

An ancient old sycamore rises up out of the killing fields in the central plane. Bodies of mites and kobolds mark a series of bloody conflicts. The adventurers delved into the caves beneath the sycamore to find it teeming with mites. The imp’s fiendish traps were initially of little consequence . . . but a terrible incident caused the expedition to turn back.

The return trip was tragic, the mites’ traps claiming the life of Delrus, and the teeming mite horde nearly defeating the adventurers outright. In the end it was Liluye who put to rest the final evil beneath the tree.

According to Billy, one of Kressle‘s bandits, this tribe of mites pilfered Svetlana’s wedding ring from the Thorn Ford Camp. The adventurers found no sign up it, but surmised it was taken by the Sootscale kobolds during one of their many raids against the Sycamore.

The Old Sycamore serves as the final resting place for Delrus, Bannon, and Kelak. It is now free of mites, but other fae seem to have moved in, dwelling deep beneath the tree and calling out to those who enter.


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The Old Sycamore

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