Kingmaker Epilogue

Deadp cs

A Letter from the DM

I started Kingmaker by popular request. People seemed to like my cutthroat sensibility and panache for funny voices. I was, as always, excited to take on the DM seat—it’s a challenge all its own.

This campaign became one of the most vibrant, detailed, and organic stories I’ve been a part of—and that’s saying something! The work that all the players, and even the friends who followed as spectators, have put in to enriching this adventure path has been unreal. The art, the stories, and the ever expanding cast of characters is a testament to the joy and creativity that have made this campaign great. George R. R. Martin would be proud; both of our delightfully detailed cast, and our penchant for murdering beloved characters in the name of a cooler story!

With the end of the first chapter, and the fall of the Stag Lord (as played by Jason Voorhees), the story is only just beginning.

However, due largely to an increasing workload, I am unable to keep Kingmaker up and running in a fashion befitting its awesomeness. And so I’ve decided it’s time for a hiatus. I won’t call the game over, because the story is not over. This has been a game about stories. It is my true hope that soon we’ll be able to return and begin the second chapter together.

That said, look at this website we made! The story so far is all here—often in extreme detail! I encourage each of you to make one more addition to this site. Whether its a character secret, an adventure log, or a forum post; I encourage you to add to this website a short story of your character as they are at this moment. Think if it as a note to future you: here is where my character’s story, in particular, left off. Take a moment to clean up your character sheets, inventories, and stacks of secret objectives. I encourage you to do so now so that there will be no obstacle to resuming the story any time we wish!

Thank you all for sharing this story and this adventure with me. Wednesdays have been my most treasured day for over six months now. As the DM I’ve gotten to see the whole story thus far. It’s a real privilege. Be proud of what we’ve done so far. And I hope you’ll join me in excited anticipation of our next story. I’m willing to bet we’ll be telling it much sooner than George Martin could muster.

Your Dungeon Master,

  • The Chronicler: semi-weekly prompts for the players to answer through creative writing or art.
  • Original artwork: woven throughout our Obsidian Portal page you will see a plethora of sketches inspired by and created for for this Kingmaker campaign. This makes our take on this adventure path unique!
  • Regular Adventure Logs: Each week the players rotate who will craft the Adventure Log, so that the experiences of each action-packed session won’t be forgotten.
  • Depth of Character(s!): DM- and player-characters alike are possessing of rich personality – and we make copious use of the Secrets feature here on Obsidian Portal. If you want to be in on the loop, PM the GM!
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Kingmaker Picture of the Week:

The dice are the vehicle of the fates! At the climax of the final battle with The Stag Lord, Reiner Schreibock slammed a pistol-whip across the bandit-king’s head, making quite the dramatic entry into the fray!