The Stag Lord

Monster? Man? Lord of Bandits




The Stag Lord resides in a fort in the southern part of the Kamelands.

He is reported to be a goliath in battle, an alcoholic, part beast, possessed of other-worldly charisma, and controlled by a demon locked beneath the fort. What is rumor and what is truth is unclear. What is clear is that The Stag Lord is the one responsible for organizing the bandits in The Greenbelt, and that he is a dangerous force.

The Stag Lord stands seven feet at the head, and wears a gruesome mockery of a stag’s skull as a helm. The bandit king is seldom seen sober, but his impressive bearing is undiminished. His body is covered in scars, and his skin more closely resembles leather than flesh. He wields a mighty composite bow. He prefers silent brooding solitude, locked within his chambers (which he keeps at an outrageously high temperature).

Stag lord

The Stag Lord’s captains and lieutenants all wear Stag Head Amulets as tokens of rank and allegiance.

In addition to Kressle, The Stag Lord’s known captains include:

AkirosAkiros Ismort – human.
Akiros ran the Stag Lord’s affairs, issues his writs of protection, and keeps the other bandits in line. Jac Steele was able to convince Akiros to turn against the Stag Lord during the adventurers’ failed first assault. Akiros was either killed or captured by his former leader, it remains unclear.
AuchsAuchs – human.
Dim-witted, but extremely strong, Auchs couldn’t spell his own name. The brute was thirsty for violence and unyielding in combat—he pursued carnage with a unique and simplistic verve. He took orders directly from Dovan. He was slain by the noble steed Königschwarz in defense of Lilu and Vedal.
DovanDovan from Nisroch – human.
Slippery and suspicious, Dovan exploited the half-wit Auchs to make his escape from the adventurers. He took a special interest in Reiner, and made off with the incapacitated gunslinger in the midst of the adventurers’ first assault on the Stag Lord’s fort.

The Stag Lord’s minions continue staking their claim in the northern greenbelt, despite the loss of Thorn Ford, and the adventurers have encountered at least on raiding party bearing the standard of the Stag Lord.

The Stag Lord and his personal retinue make their home in an abandoned monastery in the southern part of the Greenbelt.

The Stag Lord

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